EastEnders fans hail THIS character the most HATED person in Walford after tonight’s shock twist

Tonight's EastEnders saw a shocking twist air that no one saw coming...

EastEnders fans have been left stunned after tonight’s episode ended with Ian Beale telling his son Bobby exactly what he thought of him… before throwing him out of the house and onto the streets.

Viewers have watched Bobby struggling to get his life back together ever since returning to Walford after coming out of prison where he served time for killing his older sister, Lucy.

Ian throws out Bobby in EastEnders BBC

Bobby found himself in trouble with the police thanks to Dennis’s meddling (Picture: BBC)

But while he has tried his best to look to the future, he has been continuously haunted by memories of his sister, as well as facing his dad’s clear dislike of him.

However, after discovering the Islamic faith, he has found comfort in his new beliefs and tonight’s EastEnders saw him take the huge step to officially convert to Islam.

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But, as always, Ian has struggled to even try to understand his son, and when he offered to hold Bobby’s conversion in his restaurant, it was clear it was only for his own political gain and not because he wanted to support his son.

Ian throws out Bobby in EastEnders BBC

Bobby was thrilled as he converted to Islam (Picture: BBC)

Tonight saw Bobby in trouble with the police after Dennis Rickman got revenge for him hitting him recently by searching websites about Islamic extremism on his laptop, leading officers to come and question Bobby right before his conversion.

But while it was clear that Bobby was innocent, Ian failed to listen to his son’s claims that he had been set up and the pair fell out.

Ian throws out Bobby in EastEnders BBC

Bobby tried ti make amends with Ian, but overheard his dad saying vile things about him (Picture: BBC)

While Bobby’s conversion was a success, Max urged Bobby to reach out to his dad and try to make amends, but when Bobby headed home he overheard Ian telling Sharon that he thought Bobby was evil and beyond help… leading to the pair having a huge fight.

Ian throws out Bobby in EastEnders BBC

The pair had a huge fight, with Ian telling Bobby what he really thought of him (Picture: BBC)

As Bobby tried to defend himself, Ian lashed out, telling his son that he will never forgive him for Lucy’s death, before bundling him out of the house and onto the streets.

Ian throws out Bobby in EastEnders BBC

Ian threw Bobby out, and it was left to Max to help pick him up off the street (Picture: BBC)

But Ian’s vile behaviour has left fans fuming  – so much that the character started trending on Twitter…

With Ian now estranged from all his children, what is it going to take to make him realise the error of his ways?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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