EastEnders fans in bits after THIS heart-wrenching moment aired last night

Last night's EastEnders saw a monumental moment in Ben and Callum's relationship... and fans couldn't be happier!

Last night’s EastEnders saw the aftermath of the shooting in The Vic unfold… but it wasn’t Mel struggling with Hunter’s death or Whitney numbing the pain of her lost marriage with wine that got everyone talking… it was, of course, Ben and Callum.

When Callum cradled a dying Ben in the middle of the pub after he’d been shot by a gun wielding Hunter, there was no doubt that almost losing Ben had made Callum realise just how much he loved him.

Even as Whitney watched the man she was supposed to have married that morning shedding tears over Ben, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Callum had well and truly come out to the world.

Last night’s EastEnders saw Ben fighting for his life in hospital, but thanks to Sonia’s DIY surgery he is alive and will make a full recovery from the shooting.

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While Phil is thrilled that his son will be okay, no one could be happier than Callum.

After the doctors said Ben could have visitors, the Mitchells and Beales crowded around his bed side… but the one person that Ben really wanted to see was Callum.

Eventually he arrived at the hospital looking nervous, but was almost instantly thrown out of the room by the nurse because only family were allowed to visit.

However, in a monumental moment, Phil turned around and told the nurse that Callum was family, showing the world that he has finally accepted who Ben really is, and fans couldn’t be happier…

As Ben and Callum found time on their own to chat, Ben couldn’t help but make jokes about the fact he nearly died… but Callum failed to see the funny side and made it clear just how terrified he was of losing Ben.

Finally Ben put his one liners to one side and realised Callum was serious, and he made things right by asking Callum out for a drink once he was back on his feet.

Callum was thrilled… and so we Ballum fans across the country.

Could this be the start of a new romance for the pair?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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