EastEnders fans are LOVING this new twist: ‘It’s the pairing I never knew I needed’

Linda and Phil have found some common ground...

Tonight’s EastEnders has surprised fans by making them fall head-over-heels in love with the new friendship blossoming between Linda Carter and Phil Mitchell.

The bond between the pair came last week when Linda found Phil at one of her support groups, and last night’s EastEnders saw the pair bond even more over their shared battle with booze.

Linda and Phil EastEnders BBC

Linda opened up about her battle with booze in front of Phil tonight (Picture: BBC)

But while Phil initially seemed to befriend Linda because he wants to buy the Queen Vic from her and husband Mick, tonight saw the pair strike up a genuine friendship.

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Of course, alcohol isn’t the only love their share.

The pair are both huge parts of Sharon Watt’s life, with Phil fighting to save his marriage with Sharon, while Linda is the grieving mum’s best friend.

Linda and Phil EastEnders BBC

Phil realised he had misjudged Linda (Picture: BBC)

But with Sharon out of town following the death of her beloved teenage son, Denny, Linda and Phil have been left to strike up a friendship that would shock her.

Tonight saw Linda opening up at another support group, but this time she didn’t hold back when she realised Phil was in the room.

Later the pair opened up about how they cope with every day life as an alcoholic, and Linda was thrilled when she asked Phil to be her sponsor again and this time agreed.

Linda and Phil EastEnders BBC

The pair bonded over their love for Sharon – and alcohol (Picture: BBC)

But while the pair discovered they had each found a rock as they fight their demons, fans realised this is a friendship that they never even knew they needed until now…

But will Phil be a good sponsor for Linda?

He might have been on the wagon for years, making him a good example for newly-confessed alcoholic Linda, but what about if he does get his hands on the pub?

Linda and Phil EastEnders BBC

Fans have hailed Phil and Linda’s friendship and a pairing they never knew they needed (Picture: BBC)

Is working behind a bar really a good idea for Phil? Or will he let Sharon take the reins?

Whatever happens, it seems Linda will have his back.

EastEnders will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on BBC One. 

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