EastEnders fans hail this BONKERS scene tonight the ‘highlight of 2020’

EastEnders fans can't get enough of Phil Mitchell in his pinny...

EastEnders fans have hailed tonight’s scenes with Kat Slater and Phil Mitchell the highlight of their year.

As viewers will know, Kat has been trying to persuade Phil (Steve McFadden) to work with her on a robbery at an office that she cleans for.

EastEnders Phil and Kat

Fans can’t stop laughing at Phil in his leopard print tabard (Picture: BBC)

Phil has been reluctant to get involved, but somehow Kat worked her Slater charm and he agreed to come along to scope the place out.

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A new look for Phil

However, Kat made out to the security guard that Phil was her new cleaning apprentice, making the Walford hardman wear her trademark leopard print cleaning tabard.

EastEnders Phil and Kat

Kat lied to the security guard that Phil was her new cleaning apprentice (Picture: BBC)

While Kat and Phil were working out how they could rob the joint, fans were howling at the fact Phil was wearing a pinny and carrying a mop, not the usual attire that Mr Mitchel is known for…

While Phil wasn’t impressed with Kat’s idea to rob a safe for just £5000, he soon found his own way of making some big bucks.

While taking out the rubbish at the end of his shift, Phil found a fleet of classic cars hidden in the underground car park.

EastEnders Phil and Kat

Phil soon realised there was some serious money to be made by stealing classic cars (Picture: BBC)

While Kat might have been thinking about stealing hard cash, Phil had other ideas and told her that he would join the heist if it meant getting his hands on the expensive motors.

Soon they were back in Walford and working out their plan of action, which included roping Ben (Max Bowden) and Shirley in.

EastEnders Phil and Kat

Kat and Phil made plans for their heist… not realising Callum was listening in (Picture: BBC)

However, what the trio didn’t realise is that Callum had overheard the whole conversation from the other side of the door.

Will Phil and Kat manage to pull off their heist next week?

Or will Callum go straight into work and tell his boss everything?

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