EastEnders fans predict THIS dark twist after last night’s shock Walford exit

EastEnders fans think there is dark drama heading for Albert Square after last night's double bill saw Rainie Branning flee with baby Abi...

Last night’s EastEnders double bill saw Rainie Branning get the ultimate revenge on Max Branning after his kiss with Mel Owen, by packing her bags and leaving Walford… and taking baby Abi with her.

The drama started in the first episode when Rainie confronted Max over his cheerful mood following his kiss with Mel the evening before.

But instead of hiding the fact he was attracted to Mel, Max left Rainie heartbroken when he brushed off her concerns and made it clear the conversation was over.

Max and Mel kiss in EastEnders

Rainie was heartbroken to see Max kissing Mel (Picture: BBC)

Later, Mel was in a bad way after discovering that Hunter had been sentenced to life in prison for killing step dad Ray Kelly, and she agreed to go to the pub with Max to drown her sorrows.

But after seeing Jack in the pub with the police officer that helped him catch Hunter, Mel saw red and heading to the Brannings, determined to get her hands on Jack’s cash.

Rainie was suspicious of Mel as she asked to come in and go through Jack’s papers, but when Mel told her to hold baby Abi close and forget Max, a seed was planted and Rainie came up with the plan to skip town.

As Mel’s plan to take Jack’s money failed when Amy asked for some advice after getting trouble from some girls from school, unbeknownst to them, Rainie was busy packing a bag and calling a cab.

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But as she left Walford with Max’s granddaughter, fans are convinced she has just signed her own death warrant…

But with Rainie on the run with baby Abi, how long will it take for Max and Jack to track her down?

Things don’t look good for Rainie if Max does catch up with her and Abi, and after fighting so hard for custody of his late daughter’s baby, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to give Abi up without a battle.

EastEnders Rainie Branning and baby Abi Branning

Rainie is set to do to desperate lengths to keep Abi close (Picture: BBC)

This is just the start of a dark storyline for the Brannings, but just how bad will things get?

EastEnders usually airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

This week EastEnders will air on Thursday at the earlier time of 7pm and there will be no episode on Friday due to the Women’s World Cup.

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