EastEnders: Fans react to ‘electric’ plot as Mick getting involved with Aidan’s dodgy dealings

Phil Mitchell’s mate from prison has arrived on the Square and fans have some strong opinions about him leading Mick Carter astray

Last night’s EastEnders saw Mick get Carter involved with Aidan Maguire’s criminal plans.

Twitter’s been a hotbed of discussion over EastEnders favourite Mick as he looks like to be drawn into Aidan and Phil Mitchell’s world of crime.

While one Twitter user questioned what was happening to good guy Mick, others revealed that they were looking forward to him taking a possible criminal turn.

Last night’s show saw Aidan’s set up an attack on himself by masked motorbike riders who stole his phone and caused Aidan to cut his hand.

It turned out at the end of the show that Keegan had been employed by Aidan to fake stealing his phone so that Aidan could spend some time in the Vic with Mick.

When Mick took Aidan in at the Vic and mended his hand, it was the perfect opportunity for Aidan to reel Mick in to his plans, with Aidan remarking: ‘When people are desperate, they’ll do anything.’

EastEnders James Wilmott Brown

James Wilmott-Brown is trying to evict the Carters from the Queen Vic


Mick is currently in a spot of hot water over the Queen Vic, which the Carters look set to be evicted from in the New Year as Wilmott Brown plan to build a block of flats on top of the pub.

The Carters had raised £50,000 to keep the pub, but at the last minute they were told by Willmott Brown that they were £10,000 short and would lose the pub after all.

The tense scenes will build up over the next few weeks and climax over the Christmas period.