EastEnders fans share GENUIS theory about who attacked Ian Beale

Fans think they have spotted a red herring...

EastEnders fans have come up with a great theory about who attacked Ian Beale tonight and left him for dead on the floor of The Vic.

With Ian managing to annoy pretty much everyone in Walford, the list of people who would happily bump him off is endless.

Who attacked Ian Beale EastEnders Tina

Could Tina be the one who attacked Ian? (Picture: BBC)

But tonight’s episode saw a chilling montage at the end of the episode, lining up the suspects for the latest soap whodunnit.

Or did it?

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Fans have a theory 

While EastEnders writers have lined up Max (Jake Wood), Peter, Bobby, Tina, Suki, Rainie, Stuart (Ricky Champ) and Ben (Max Bowden) as the main suspects, fans are convinced they are all a huge red herring.

Who attacked Ian Beale EastEnders - Peter

Is Peter guilty? (Picture: BBC)

Viewers have taken to Twitter to share their theory that none of the people featured in the montage will be the one who attacked Ian.

Fans have predicted that they think the guilt suspect will be someone different entirely, and their theories span from Sharon or Phil, to Callum.

Who attacked Ian Beale EastEnders Max

Ia Max to blame? (Picture: BBC)

Some have even suggested Ian’s ex, Jane, could be back in Walford to try and finish off Mr Beale…

Who attacked Ian is set to become a classic soap whodunit, with the police on the scene of the crime next week trying to work out exactly what happened the night that Ian was left for dead.

In the montage, Ben could be seen sneaking out of the Vic in the dead of night, while Rainie was seen dashing past the pub while looking over her shoulder.

Who attacked Ian Beale EastEnders Suki

Has Suki paid someone to attack Ian for her? (Picture: BBC)

Bobby was in the alley near the barrel store looking very suspicious, while Peter returned home as Kathy opened the front door just in time to see he’d hurt his face.

Stuart could be seen burning something, while Suki was nursing a drink in Ruby’s… but was she there to give herself an alibi while someone else did her dirty work for her?

Who attacked Ian Beale EastEnders Stuart

What was Stuart burning? (Picture: BBC)

Tina is also about to find herself in a whole heap of trouble if that’s Ian’s blood she was seen washing from her hands, while Max looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

But are fans right, and it is someone else entirely the police should be looking for?

Who attacked Ian Beale EastEnders Bobby

Has killer Bobby struck again? (Picture: BBC)

Has Sharon had enough of Ian’s lies and scheming?

Phil would definitely see red if someone told him it was Ian who grassed them up to the police the night of the heist, but could he be the one who attacked Ian?

Who attacked Ian Beale EastEnders Ben

Has Ben tried to kill his own brother? (Picture: BBC)

With the clues all starting to stack up in the run up to Christmas, it seems the net will soon start closing in on whoever wanted Ian dead.

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