Did Stuart really shoot himself, or is there more drama to come? 

Last night’s trip to Albert Square saw Stuart Highway framing his best ‘frenemy’ Mick Carter, leading to the pub landlord being torn away from his family and arrested for attempted murder. 

But just before Mick was cuffed by the police, Halfway come to the horrifying realisation that Stuart could have actually shot himself, all in the name of getting revenge on his oldest friend. 

Remembering the conversation he’d had with his brother shortly after he came round from his coma, Highway told the Carters that while confessing who shot him, Stuart had mumbled: “Me… me best mate Mick Carter”. 

But was Stuart just struggling to get his words out, or is Highway right and the villain just confessed to the biggest whodunnit twist in Walford history?

With Mick facing a long stretch at Her Majesty’s pleasure if the Carters don’t find the evidence to prove Stuart’s claims wrong, it looks like the family have got more pressing things tone concentrating on than running a pub. 

Tensions build for Mick Carter

Mick’s facing a long stretch behind bars thanks to Stuart Highway

But with the gun that was used to shoot Mr Highway now at the bottom of the canal thanks to Linda’s misguided attempts to help her husband, it looks like she might have actually done the opposite and got rid of the only piece of evidence that could have got Mick off the hook. 

EastEnders fans loved the fact Stuart could have been the one to pull the trigger, with many claiming that they had called it weeks ago. 

Others weren’t so sure though and think there is is a red herring and the biggest twist in the saga of “who shot Stuart” is still to come. 

With Mick facing time in prison for the foreseeable future, it looks like his family are going to have their work cut out if they’re going to prove his innocence. If only Linda hadn’t thrown that gun in the canal! 

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Picture credits: Main image and Mick in jail: BBC / Jack Barnes