EastEnders fans SICKENED after this shock twist was revealed last night

EastEnders has aired a surprise twist in Gray and Chantelle's abuse storyline...

Last night’s EastEnders saw Gray Atkins’ abuse towards wife Chantelle become more shocking than ever. But it was the final twist at the end of the episode that has got fans talking…

While Gray has been away from the Square recently, Chantelle has grown closer to her family, and earlier this week she enjoyed celebrating with everyone after she passes her assessment at work.

EastEnders Gray is angry with Chantelle in Eastenders

Last night’s EastEnders saw Gray lash out at wife Chantelle once again… (Picture: BBC)

But jealous Gray has been struggling with the fact his wife is getting on so well with the Taylor clan, and he tried to sabotage Chantelle’s party by spilling drink on her certificate from work.

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However, as he felt more pushed out by the family in last night’s episode when a celebration for Keanu left him feeling like an outsider, he took his anger out on Chantelle once they were home alone.

But despite Gray eventually apologising to Chantelle for hitting her, it was all too little too late for the hairdresser and she considered leaving him.

Her suggestion that their marriage could be over thanks to his actions gave Gray a reality shock and he promised to change. But can he really become the husband that Chantelle wants him to be?

Fans aren’t convinced Gray will change, even after the shocking revelation at the end of last night’s episode that Chantelle is pregnant…

But could the news Chantelle is having his baby make Gray reassess what he is doing to his wife? Or could the baby also be in danger from the domestic abuse Chantelle is being subjected to?

Later this week Gray breaks his promise to change and makes Chantelle’s life a living misery, oblivious to the fact she is carrying his unborn child.

But will he abuse make Chantelle reveal the truth about them having another child together, or is this a secret she is going to keep to herself for a while?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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