EastEnders fans SICKENED as THIS character is left for dead after violent scenes

Last night's EastEnders saw Leo King batter his own mum with a briefcase...

Last night’s EastEnders has left soap fans shocked when evil Leo King brutally attacked his own mum in broad daylight.

The unexpectedly violent scenes came after Leo’s mum, Michaela, arrived in Walford, determined to talk some sense into her son and take him home.

But she is likely going to regret bothering when she found herself hit over the head with a briefcase.

Leo King is confronted by his mum Michaela in EastEnders

Leo wasn’t happy to see his mum was in Walford (Picture: BBC)

Having been estranged from his mum for a while, Leo was shocked when he came face to face with her in E20 last night.

There was no warm family reunion as the pair met for the first time in months, and soon they were clashing over Leo’s paedophile dad, Tony.

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As Leo was defending his decision to move to Walford, telling his mum that being there made him feel closer to his dad, Michaela was quick to point out that his dad was evil and doesn’t deserve the time Leo is dedicating to him.

Michaela pressend Leo on whether he had seen Whitney, but he lied to her face and told her that he had no interest in seeing the person his dad went to jail for abusing.

But of course, Leo hasn’t just seen Whitney, he is dating her and grooming her to believe he is the perfect man, ahead of his vicious attack that is set to take place this Christmas.

But when Michaela saw Whitney’s name come up on Leo’s phone, she knew that he had been lying to her and confronted him.

Leo attacks his mum in EastEnders

Leo’s lies started to unravel when Michaela saw Whitney’s name come up on his phone (Picture: BBC)

However, Leo didn’t take too kindly to his lies being uncovered and he soon attacked his mum by pushing her to the ground before battering her with his briefcase.

But is Michaela dead?

Leo attacks his mum in EastEnders

fans were horrified when Leo attacked his mum in broad daylight (Picture: BBC)

Later Leo was seen arriving at The Vic for Whitney’s birthday celebrations, and fans were sickened to see him acting like nothing had happened when in reality he’d just left his mum for dead in the gutter…

Michaela’s fate is yet to be revealed, but one thing is for sure, Whitney is putting herself in grave danger and things are about to take a very sinister turn as she head off for her birthday night away with Leo..

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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