EastEnders fans stunned after THIS latest twist makes them question everything

EastEnders fans have changed their minds about Louise Mitchell and Keanu Taylor's romance...

Last night’s trip to Walford has left EastEnders fans surprised at how much they’re loving the reignited romance between Louise Mitchell and Keanu Taylor.

Until now, the young pair’s relationship has been very one-sided, with Keanu basically using Louise as a cover to hide his true feelings for her stepmum, Sharon Mitchell.

But with Keanu’s affair with Sharon now dead in the water thanks to her role in him being sent to do Phil’s dirty work in Spain at the start of the year, Louise and Keanu have grown closer in recent weeks.

EastEnders Keanu Taylor looks scared

Keanu realised how he really felt about Louise after racing to rescue her from her kidnapping ordeal…

EastEnders fans will know that the reason the pair have been spending so much time together is because Phil has been paying Keanu to look after Louise, knowing that she was in danger from Danny, Midge and their dangerous crew.

But last night’s EastEnders saw Keanu see Louise in a different light as they spent time locked up in a shipping container together.

Keanu found himself trapped with Louise after racing to the dockyard to rescue her following her kidnapping ordeal before Easter.

But as Keanu woke up after being knocked out cold with a metal pipe, he started having a panic attack over being locked in such a small space and it was up to Louise to calm him down.

EastEnders Phil Mitchell bangs on a shipping container

Phil was on a mission to find his daughter…

Once he could breathe again, the pair started having a heart-to-heart, in which Louise confessed she loved Keanu, but knew that he would never love her back.

But it seems this new, more mature side to Louise got Keanu thinking and by the end of the episode he was telling her that he loved her, too.

Fans who had previously not loved Keanu and Louise as a couple took to social media to share how much they were enjoying Walford’s latest pairing…

But with the truth that Phil has been paying Keanu to spend time with Louise still hidden, surely it is only a matter of time before the secret comes out?

Could the truth being revealed put an end to the pair’s romance before it has a chance to ever properly begin?

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Picture credits: BBC / Jack Barnes