EastEnders fans STUNNED as THIS Walford legend reveals a shocking new look

Kathy showcased a brand new look last night...

EastEnders fans were shocked to see Kathy Beale sporting a surprising new look last night, that apparently distracted them from the rest of the episode.

As a heartbroken Sharon Watts (as she is now calling herself) braced herself for the tough day ahead as she prepared to say a final farewell to her beloved son, Denny, at his funeral, Kathy decided to use the opportunity to show off her funeral-worthy hat.

Kathy's hat EastEnders BBC

Fans were distracted from Sharon’s grief by Kathy’s new hat (Picture: BBC)

After banning all Mitchells from her son’s funeral, Sharon went outside to find the hearse waiting for her.

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But it wasn’t just Sharon’s breaking heart that fans were talking about… it was the fact Kathy was rocking a new look in a big black hat.

Kathy's hat EastEnders BBC

Some fans were loving Kathy’s look… others not so much (Picture: BBC)

Some fans were loving Kathy’s surprising wardrobe choice…

But others weren’t too sure about her new look…

While fans claim that the hat took up so much of their attention they struggled to focus on the matter in hand, Sharon faced every parents’ worst nightmare as she laid Denny to rest.

But there was plenty more drama to come, and this time it isn’t involve Kathy’s wardrobe choices.

After an emotional day, Sharon was looking forward to getting home after the wake at the Queen Vic was over.

Phil Mitchell

Phil is back, and tonight he causes drama in The Vic (Picture: BBC)

However, just as she was about to leave, an unwelcome face appeared in the pub as Phil Mitchell made a comeback.

EastEnders fans know that Sharon believes Phil is solely responsible for Denny’s death after causing the tragic boat crash that killed the teenager back in February.

But what she doesn’t know is best friend Ian is actually partly to blame after he locked Denny in a downstairs room on the boat in revenge for trolling his son Bobby online.

Phil Mitchell

Phil and Sharon have an emotional showdown in the pub tonight (Picture: BBC)

Tonight’s EastEnders will see more drama unfold as Sharon confronts Phil in the middle of the packed pub… leading to Phil eventually confessing his guilt to the police next week.

Is Phil going to go to prison for a crime Ian is partly to blame for?

EastEnders will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on BBC One. 

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