Don’t do it Whitney! EastEnders fans want soap favourite to say ‘I don’t’!

Whitney Dean’s step mum Bianca Jackson doesn’t want her daughter to wed Callum Highway, and neither do soap fans! But will Whitney cancel the wedding?

Unlucky-in-love Whitney Dean thought she’d finally found happiness in EastEnders when sweet ex-soldier Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway proposed to her. But with a bombshell cheating confession and a mum banged up overnight in a police cell, everything about this wedding is screaming ‘no!’

When Callum asked Whitney to marry him back in June, she was over the moon. But what she didn’t know was that just days before he’d had a secret sexy liaison with the Square’s Ben Mitchell.

EastEnders Callum Highway

Callum worries about Whitney the night before the wedding

A guilt-ridden Callum confessed to the fling the night before their nuptials, leaving her heartbroken. After Callum made a heartfelt plea, saying he loved her and would never cheat again, Whitney seemed convinced. By the morning she was in her big pink wedding dress.

EastEnders Whitney is in her wedding dress

Whitney gets ready for the wedding

But that wasn’t the end of the wedding day dramas, as last night’s episode saw Whitney delay the ceremony to get step mum Bianca Jackson out of a police cell! In true Bianca-style she’d been locked up overnight with best mate Kat Moon for being drunk and disorderly.

Whitney and Callum rushed to the police station to beg for Bianca’s quick release, while best man Mick Carter delayed the ceremony. At the wedding venue, Bianca was stunned when a bashed up Ben Mitchell arrived, revealing that he’d slept with Callum.

“He cheated on you Whit… He’ll do it again. He don’t even know whether he wants Arthur or Martha!” Bianca told her stepdaughter. “I know you love him… But he’s gay. You can’t love him into being something that he ain’t.”

EastEnders fans are heartbroken for Whitney and insist she shouldn’t marry Callum. One fan pointed out that she’d already had one failed marriage:

And another insisted that heartbreak was better than two lives ruined:

Last night’s cliffhanger saw Whitney about to go into the ceremony. But will she really go through with it?

EastEnders continues tonight on BBC1 at 7.30 pm