TRAUMATISED EastEnders fans ’scared to go to bed’ after THIS terrifying twist

'Amazing twist!'

EastEnders fans were left terrified and in tears after last night’s episode saw Leo King take his stalking of Whitney Dean to a whole new level.

Fans have watched in horror over recent months as Leo’s deadly obsession with Whitney has got out of control, and even his recent plunge from the Prince Albert Balcony wasn’t enough to make him realise things are getting out of hand.

But last night’s EastEnders saw things take a seriously creepy turn when Leo dragged a terrified Whitney to his dad’s grave, making her apologise to Tony King and admit that she was lying about his abusing her when she was younger.

Leo stalks Whitney in EastEnders BBC

Leo took Whitney to Tony’s grave last night (Picture: BBC)

Poor Whitney was beside herself as Leo pushed her to the ground in front of Tony’s grave, causing her to scream out in fear.

The uncomfortable scenes that followed then saw Leo make Whitney ‘confess’ in front of a packed Queen Vic  that she had lied about her abuse at the hands of Tony.

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Whitney was in tears as she told her friends and family that she had made the whole thing up, but it didn’t take long for everyone to realise that Leo was making Whitney say these things, and they all soon turned on Whitney’s stalker before throwing him out of the pub.

But if that left fans upset, it was nothing in comparison to what was coming next…

Leo King stalks Whitney in EastEnders

Fans were sickened to realise Leo was hiding in Dot’s loft, spying on Whitney (Picture: BBC)

Tonnes of viewers took to social media to express their shock after the programme’s freaky final scene, which was like something out of a horror movie.

The shocking moment saw Whitney Dean laying on her bed for a nap when the camera slowly panned up to show a creepy eye peeping out of a hole in her ceiling.

Leo stalks Whitney in EastEnders BBC

The creepy scenes from last night have left fans terrified (Picture: BBC)

It was then revealed that nasty stalker Leo King was spying on her from the loft while she slept, and fans claimed they wouldn’t be able to sleep after the terrifying twist…

Making a valid point, others wondered how Leo got into Dot’s loft in the first place…

Things are set to come to a terrifying climax next week as Leo extracts the ultimate revenge on Whitney, leaving someone with blood on their hands. But who?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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