EastEnders in pictures: 5 storylines not to be missed next week

EastEnders twists heading to our screens next week...

EastEnders sees Mick come face-to-face with his past next week when Katy Lewis arrives in Walford. But is he ready to hear what she has got to say?

Here is a round up of the five biggest stories in next week’s EastEnders…

1. Katy Lewis arrives in Walford 

EastEnders Mick Carter and Katy Lewis

Mick (Danny Dyer) is stunned when he comes face-to-face with Frankie’s mum, Katy Lewis.

As he struggles with his emotions, Mick demands to know why Katy never told him that they had a daughter.

But he’s left speechless by Katy’s unexpected response.

EastEnders Katy Lewis

Later Frankie messages her mum and tells her she wants to meet up.

But Frankie doesn’t just want to see Katy… she wants Mick there, too.

Katy tries to convinced Mick to meet Frankie with her… but will he agree?

EastEnders Tina Carter and Mick Carter

Later, Mick is still in a bad mood, and so Tina secretly lines up a job at The Vic for him.

Mick is thrilled when Ian offers him a shift at the pub, happy to be back behind the bar.

But when Mick finds out that Tina got him the job, how will he react?

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2. Kat and Phil join forces 

EastEnders Phil Mitchell

Kat is desperate for Phil (Steve McFadden) to help her with a robbery at an insurance company, but he’s far from keen to get involved.

However, when Kat gets the upper hand after overhearing Phil on a phone call, it seems she might have Mr Mitchell right where she wants him.

Later, Phil agrees to go along to the cleaning job at the insurance company offices, but will he go through with Kat’s plan?

3. Denise digs up Raymond’s past 


Still struggling with settling Raymond into his new home, Denise decides it might help if she got some advice from someone his adoptive parents knew.

Remembering that his adoptive father was a pastor at the Pentecostal church, she decides to start there.

EastEnders Denise

Denise and Jack take Raymond to his family church, and are delighted to see him looking happy.

After the service, Denise talks to the pastor and asks for advice… but will he be able to help?

4. Gray gets help

Gray EastEnders 

Shirley encourages Gray (Toby Alexander-Smith) to fight for his kids, who are missing their dad.

But Gray still doesn’t trust himself after the night he tried to burn the house down.

Whitney offers to help Gray look after the children when he gets them back.

But with Gray still struggling with the guilt of killing Chantelle, is he ready to look after Mack and Mia?

5. Sharon discovers the truth

Sharon and Karen/Phil Eastenders BBC

Fed up of having Ian under her roof, Sharon (Letita Dean) wants him out.

However, she still doesn’t know the real reason Ian and Kathy have fallen out and soon Kathy fills her in.

Is Ian about to find himself homeless?

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