EastEnders’ Jamie: ‘I’m very Christmas oriented’

He’s scaring up Albert Square as dastardly Derek Branning, but EastEnders’ Jamie Foreman tells us he likes nothing better than a quiet Christmas at home…

What are your Christmas plans?

“We’re going out for Christmas lunch this year cos my [wife, Julie Dennis, pictured] does it every year for everybody. We had a break about three, four, oh she knows, I’ll get this wrong and she’ll say ‘No, it wasn’t’, but about the last five Christmases we’ve done it and had everybody in and I just wanted to give her a rest this time, so we’re all going out – her family and myself – and then we go to my sister’s after that and visit them. So a family Christmas at home, I need the rest.”

How many of you are there?

“Well, there’s Julie’s side of the family, which is my family now, obviously and then I see my parents and my sister and all my nephews on the Boxing Day or the day after. We give it a couple of days rest and then we go there. But normally we’ve been having Christmas day at our house. It’s hard work, and nobody else wants to bloody do it. Cos we’ve got the room, everyone wants to do it at ours so we get lumbered. Well, she gets lumbered.

“I’m very Christmas oriented anyway, I love it all. And Alfie comes up boxing day as well, so that’s nice, and we get all the cousins together, that’s what we did last year and it was a lot of fun.”

What’s on your Christmas list?

“I haven’t even thought about. What’s on my list is what I’m gonna get my Julie this year. I get it right every year, I haven’t failed yet!”

Will you be making a New Year’s resolution?

“I’m too old for all that. I’ve never kept one anyway…”