Mick Carter is facing the prospect of life in prison after he was framed for the murder of Stuart Highway.

Last week, ‘Enders villain Stuart – played by Ricky Champ – was shot in The Queen Vic which left the whole of Walford wondering who the culprit is.

After waking up from his coma in hospital, Stuart told the police that his ‘oldest friend’ Mick (Danny Dyer) attacked him and he was swiftly taken to jail, despite the Carters remaining convinced he’s innocent.

Zara and Halfway wait for Stuart Highway to wake up EastEnders


But as the evidence continues to mount up against Mick, there was a glimmer of hope during Friday night’s episode when Phil Mitchell’s hotshot lawyer Ritchie Scott made her return to Albert Square.

After Mick begged wife Linda to get him all the help she could, Sharon gave Shirley their trusted lawyer’s number and the family agreed to ditch their current solicitor and pay a whopping £300 an hour to get Ritchie on board.

As confident as ever, Ritchie (Sian Webber) then promised she would have Mick back “home by bed”, stating they had enough proof that Mick wasn’t in the pub at the time of Stuart’s shooting.

And viewers rushed to Twitter to praise the return of the EastEnders legend, with one writing: “Ritchie Scott the boss @bbceastenders the best money can buy #eastenders”.

“The iconic Ritchie Scott is back #Eastenders”, said another, while a third joked: “Ritchie Scott swooping in to save us from a pub quiz night is the best thing to happen in 2018 #EastEnders”.

Unfortunately, not even Ritchie – who last appeared in 2016 when she helped Phil change his will during his liver failure storyline – could work her magic as she returned from the bail hearing with some bad news.

“The judge had evidence we didn’t”, she told a heartbroken Linda and Shirley.

“They didn’t just find blood on Mick’s shirt they found gunshot residue too. As forensic evidence goes this is as strong as it gets.”

The lawyer then added: “We need to prepare for trial and wee got a fight on our hands because with the evidence they’ve got, Mick’s going down for a long time.”