EastEnders fans react as Stacey and Martin get back together

It’s been a bumpy road for the couple

They’ve been on and off more times than a light switch and – for a moment – it looked as though Stacey and Martin Fowler would never get back together.

Every since Stacey confessed to a one night stand with ex-boyfriend Max Branning, their future’s been uncertain.

But in Friday night’s episode fans watched as Martin picked Stacey, leaving his ex-wife Sonia Jackson devastated.

In the run-up to the big moment, we saw Martin weighing up his options after Sonia confessed to having feelings for him once more.

In the end, Sonia pushed Martin to realise Stacey is The One – and ended up being comforted by their daughter Bex.

Despite the bittersweet turn of events, viewers were quick to express their joy at Martin and Sonia finally reuniting.

‘I’m so happy Martin and Stacey are back together,’ wrote one. ‘I hope it lasts this time!’

Another said: ‘Yay Stacey and Martin are back together I’m so happy!’

While a third praised Lacey Turner’s acting, writing: ‘Lacey Turner will always be the #1 best actress in #EastEnders.’

While we’re really happy for Stacey and Martin, let’s hope it doesn’t take poor Sonia too long to get over him…

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