EastEnders‘ new arrival David Proud has said that he is “delighted” his character Adam Best is “nasty”.

The 26-year-old – who was born with spina bifida and cannot walk unaided – told The Sun that he was proud to play a disabled character on a soap where the focus of his storyline was not his disability.

Far from being a person to feel sorry for, the character is a snobby Oxford graduate who looks down his nose at most of Albert Square’s residents.”

“Not all disabled people are nice, so all characters shouldn’t be either. It’s a stereotype. People are people. He is a multi-layered, rounded character and his story will unfold.”

Proud added that he is an independent person who drives an adapted car and has lived alone in the past – and that the character had been written with that in mind.

The stereotypical view of my condition is that it is a weakness,” he said. “But I think if you can learn to love what you have and learn to live with it then you can overcome it.

“The BBC scriptwriters used my independent nature to shape their characterisation of Adam – they have purposely avoided making his disability a storyline.”