Will THIS person expose Rainie’s affair with Jack?

A very unlikely suspect has been revealed

This week EastEnders viewers discovered Rainie’s affair with Jack – despite being married to his brother Max.

Jack knows his daughter Amy caught him kissing Rainie, but what he’s unaware of is that the youngster caught the whole thing on her tablet!

Unaware of the incriminating evidence, Rainie went to break up with her ‘fake’ husband Max – telling him she couldn’t be married to someone who didn’t love her.

But, in usual EastEnders style, Max threw a curveball and told Rainie he’s developed real feelings for her.

So now Rainie has that to deal with, as well as the drama that will undoubtedly come from Amy’s video – and fans are convinced we’re going to see Amy turn into her scheming mother Roxy Mitchell.

One wrote: ‘Oh Amy’s filmed daddy kissing auntie Rainie, oh me thinks she’s going to be a proper Mitchell on this one.’ Another said: ‘Now Amy has seen Jack and Rainie kiss, I have a feeling she will blackmail them.’ And a third said: ‘OMG! Feels like deja-vu with Amy filming Jack kissing Rainie like Lauren did with her dad Max and Stacey.’

Are we in for another dramatic Christmas on the Square, like the time Lauren revealed Max and Stacey’s affair? Let’s hope so!