EastEnders fans spot THIS shock TWIST after tonight’s baby bombshell

Lola revealed she is pregnant... and Jay's thrilled. But is all as it sees?

EastEnders fans have predicted heartache for Jay Brown after it was revealed in tonight’s episode that his girlfriend Lola Pearce is pregnant.

Since reuniting last year, Jay and Lola have made solid foundations for their romance, building a family unit with Lola’s daughter Lexi.

Jay and Lola in EastEnders BBC

The news she is expecting a baby came as a massive shock to Lola tonight (Picture: BBC)

Jay has already proved that he will make a great dad one day by how he is with Lola’s daughter… and tonight saw him thrilled when Lola dropped the bombshell that she was in the family way.

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However, soap fans are convinced that there is heartache heading for Jay, because while he might have been thrilled at the prospect of welcoming a baby into the world, it was clear that Lola was struggling to get her head around the news she is going to be a mum again…

As Jay and Lola planned a movie and popcorn night with Lexi in a bid to cheer her up after Denny’s death, the evening started just like any other in the Mitchell house.

Jay and Lola in EastEnders BBC

Jay was thrilled with the news he is going to be a dad, but fans have predicted heartache (Picture: BBC)

But when a stunned and speechless Lola came downstairs clutching a pregnancy test, it was clear that Jay’s life was about to change for good.

Jay was instantly pleased about Lola’s news and couldn’t wipe the smile off his face, but Lola admitted that while she loved being a mum to Lexi, having another baby wasn’t part of her life plan.

Jay and Lola in EastEnders BBC

Is Lola about to break Jay’s heart? (Picture: BBC)

Could this baby bombshell bring the pair closer together if Jay manages to persuade Lola to keep their child?

Or are EastEnders fans right and this is about to tear the couple apart, leaving Jay heartbroken?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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