EastEnders in pictures: 5 spoilers not to be missed next week

EastEnders spoilers heading to our screens next week...

EastEnders sees Kat and Phil join forces as they prepare to steal classic cars next week, but will their heist go to plan?

Also, Kim returns from Scotland and sparks fly between Linda and Max.

Here is a round up of the five biggest stories in next week’s EastEnders…

1. The Mitchells and Slaters put their heist plan into action 

Kat is feeling nervous in EastEnders

Kat is nervous about the robbery with the Mitchells and, after clashing with Shirley, she calls the whole thing off.

Ben (Max Bowden) is quick to talk Kat round, and soon the temptation to make some cash is all too much.

But will their plan to steal classic cars from the firm where Kat cleans really work?

Phil Mitchell and Shirley Carter

Phil (Steve McFadden) isn’t impressed when Kat reveals Kush is their new getaway driver.

However, soon the heist is on and, as Shirley and Kat create a distraction, Ben and Phil head to the job.

Will they be able to pull it off without getting caught?

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2. Kim returns to a shock surprise 

Denise tells Raymond she is his birth mother in EastEnders

With the help of Jack, Denise finds the courage to tell Raymond that she is his biological mum.

But that’s not the only shock in store for the family…

Kim makes a surprise return from Scotland… and soon Denise is trying to find a way to tell her about Raymond.

Raymond Dawkins

Before Denise can explain, Raymond walks into the room, leaving Kim speechless.

How will Kim react to seeing her nephew after all these years?

3. Sharon warns Max away from Linda 

Sharon Watts and Max Branning

Sharon (Letitia Dean) notices a spark between Linda (Kellie Bright) and Max (Jake Wood), and warns Max to stay away from her best friend.

EastEnders Linda Carter

Oblivious to Sharon and Max’s conflict, Linda is enjoying spending time with Max.

The pair work together on their new business idea, and it is clear they’re getting on brilliantly.

Linda Carter and Max Carter in EastEnders

Later as they talk through ideas, the chemistry is undeniable.

But will either Linda or Max act on their attraction?

4. Ian makes a deal with the devil 

Ian is in the restaurant looking flustered in EastEnders

Suki sees Ian in a flap at the restaurant and decides to use his financial crisis to her advantage.

She tells him about her plan to redevelop the Slaters’ house into flats, and asks him to help her.

But is Ian desperate enough to join forces with scheming Suki?

5. Tina finds herself homeless 

Tina asks Kathy if she can stay with her in EastEnders

Tina overhears Iqra and Ash talking and she realises they want her to move out.

She asks Kathy if she can stay with her, but Kathy’s got problems of her own with Ian.

Will Tina find somewhere to live?

EastEnders airs Mondays at 8.05pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.35pm and Fridays at 8.30pm on BBC One – see our TV Guide for full listings.

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