Fans react as Martin and Stacey have showdown in EastEnders

Will these two ever be able to sort it out?

Tensions between Martin and Stacey reached new highs during Friday night’s episode of EastEnders, when he accused her of trying to take their kids away.

As Martin confronted Stacey getting into a cab with Lily, Arthur and Hope, the troubled mum confessed she was taking them to Brighton – leading to a proper Albert Square slanging match.

Unsurprisingly, many fans took Martin’s side after Stacey’s affair with Max caused their relationship to break down.

One wrote: ‘This whole Stacey and Martin situation is driving me mad! I don’t understand how Martin should be taking any part of blame in this? Is it just me?’

Another said: ‘Don’t understand why Martin is getting so much hate when Stacey is the one who cheated!

A third commented: ‘Stacey’s the one who played away and she expects to call the tune over the kids.’

But many viewers were more concerned with the fact Stacey and Martin’s argument was being filmed by mysterious newcomer Hayley.

Following the confirmation of Kat Slater’s return – alongside Stacey’s mum Jean – could Hayley be a brand new member of the family?

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