EastEnders star Jake Wood: Max Branning is devastated when he learns The TRUTH

Max in shock over 'huge betrayal'

EastEnders star Jake Wood reveals Max Branning is furious next week when he finds out about Jack and Rainie’s “huge betrayal”.

Tempers flare when Max receives a letter from Cora’s solicitor saying his marriage is a sham, as Rainie has slept with his brother Jack.

Jack Branning - with his top off - with Rainie in EastEnders

One thing leads to another: Rainie couldn’t resist a fling with Max’s brother, Jack

Scheming Cora’s clearly trying to score points against Max in their battle for custody of baby Abi.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Jake reveals: “When Max finds out about Rainie and Jack, he is very upset.

“The Brannings obviously have a bit of history with this sort of thing – they are not the most loyal people when it comes to relationships!

“You’d think that maybe Max would be more understanding than most considering his own track record, but his feelings for Rainie at this point are genuine. It’s a huge betrayal.”

Jake continues that Max is angry because not only has Rainie been unfaithful with his brother, she’s also potentially wrecked their chances of gaining custody of Abi.

EastEnders spoilers - Max Branning leaves with Baby Abi

Max Branning holds baby Abi close

“I think he just needs to know that Rainie is committed to their relationship and getting baby Abi. He wants to know where he stands.”

When Rainie and Cora lash out each other in The Vic, Max takes the opportunity to make a quick exit with baby Abi.

But, he’s devastated when the police arrive and take baby Abi with him… is he ever going to get custody of his beloved granddaughter?

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that Jake will be taking part in the Christmas special of Strictly Come Dancing.

The 46-year-old soap actor, who narrowly missed out on a spot on the final when he took part in Strictly in 2014, said: “It’s been a few years since I donned the sequins so I can’t wait to do it all over again for the Christmas special. I loved my experience on Strictly Come Dancing and I jumped at the chance when they asked if I wanted to step back onto the dancefloor.”
EastEnders continues on BBC1.

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