EastEnders star Tamzin Outhwaite reveals who Mel should be marrying!

Well, if not marrying, Mel should at least be dating Jack, reckons Tamzin

The EastEnders’ storyline which has been playing out between Mel Owen and her fiancé Ray Kelly will come to a head in dramatic episodes on New Year’s Day and beyond.

Since Mel found out her fiancé has been telling lies and living multiple lives, she’s been on a mission to bring him down.

It’s yet another story of heartbreak for unlucky-in-love Mel who could have had a much easier time sticking with her former boyfriend Jack Branning, says actress Mel!

“There’s a lot to be said for the idea that Mel should have stayed with Jack,” said the actress.

“I think she would have been safe and happy with him. There wouldn’t have been trust issues as they have both been really hurt and both their exes, Ronnie and Steve, have died.”

Mel and Jack

Mel should have stayed with Jack, reckons EastEnders star Tamzin

But Mel dumped Jack in favour of Ray mainly because of Hunter, claimed the actress.

“Jack never got on with her son, and as a mother you know what it’s like when your children like the partner or when your partner likes the children, there’s so much invested in that,” explained Tamzin.

“Ray is the man that Hunter thinks of as his dad. And Mel realised she still had feelings for him.”

With Mel planning a wedding as a vehicle to get revenge on duplicitous bigamist Ray, is there a chance for Jack if Mel’s plan pays off and she ends up single?

“Around the wedding time I think Mel probably looks at Jack and thinks ‘look what I gave up.’ She and Jack probably wouldn’t have the intensity, but it would be so much lighter and more fun,” she mused.

“What Jack and Mel have is ease and they make each other laugh, whereas Mel and Ray, it’s intense and they are addicted to the drama of each other.

“I think there’s room for them to explore that again – but I also think they are going to be like best mates now,” continues Tamzin.

“I haven’t read scripts which say that – it’s just what I think. I think they will be best mates who fancy each other a bit. That ship’s sailed.”