This EastEnders legend revealed as soap’s most unlikely crush!

Many of us have on-screen crushes, but you might be surprised to find out who took the top spot in soapland…

EastEnders legend Ian Beale is soapland’s most unlikely crush, according to analysis by UKTV Play!

This was based on data from sites like Reddit, Facebook and Mumsnet, where people were quite comfortable sharing their unlikely TV crushes and it seems Ian is simply irresistible! To be fair, Ian (Adam Woodyatt) has also proved pretty irresistible to the women of Walford as well, with five marriages under his belt.

EastEnders Ian Beale turns up for choir practice

Soap fans can’t resist Ian Beale!

When it came to Ian, one Reddit user wrote, “So I was talking with a friend about Eastenders crushes. I definitely have a weird sweet spot for Ian Beale and younger me thought Alfie was the one 😂”

EastEnders stars dominated the list for soap crushes, which saw Max Branning, Phil Mitchell, Ricky Butcher and Alfie Moon also making the list.

EastEnders fans also love Max!

EastEnders star Jake Wood as Max Branning

Max scored highly

The top spot for women also went to an EastEnders star, meaning fans are clearly crushing on Walford residents right now!

Pat Butcher took the top spot for female crushes, closely followed by Kat Slater, then Little Mo.

But it wasn’t just EastEnders stars that soap fans admitted to crushing on, as Coronation Street characters were also featured on the list.

Corrie stars that got people’s attention included Gail Platt, Sunita Alahan and Fiz Brown.

Gail Platt returns from Thailand and is shocked to see Tracy and Sally tearing a strip off Bethany in Coronation Street

Gail Platt impressed Corrie fans.

Male crushes included David Platt, Peter Barlow and Ken Barlow, making the Platts and Barlows two of the streets most attractive families.

Emmerdale fans love the Dingles!

Emmerdale fans might be surprised to learn that the Dingle family caught the attention of viewers, with all the stars on the list belonging to that on-screen family.

Fans admitted to crushing on Butch Dingle, Zak Dingle, Charity Dingle and Mandy Dingle, so this Yorkshire family clearly has great genes!

Who would you add to this list of unlikely soap crushes?

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