This Walford resident to commit the ultimate BETRAYAL in EastEnders

Just when you thought you'd seen it all in Walford, former enemies are set to share a forbidden kiss in tonight's visit to Albert Square...

Tonight’s EastEnders will see Linda Carter take the next horrifying step in trying to trick Stuart Highway into confessing he framed Mick Carter for his shooting.

The heartbroken landlady is desperate to get her husband out of prison in time for Christmas, but with the big day drawing closer, Linda is starting to panic that her attempts to befriend Stuart might all be in vain.

EastEnders Linda Carter with Stuart Highway

Linda lets Stuart wear Mick’s Santa costume tonight, but it is all part of her master plan

As Linda sets up The Vic’s Father Christmas grotto – a tradition that the Carters have been following for years – Linda is left sickened when she sees Stuart dressed up in the Santa costume that Mick always wears.

While Stuart is going to love every second of filling his ‘frenemy’s’ boots, Linda is forced to remind herself that she is doing this all for Mick, and paints a smile on her face.

Eastenders - Stuart Highway played by Ricky Champ

Stuart has no idea that Linda is playing games with him

Linda’s guilt only gets worse as the day goes on, though. First Whitney tells her that Ollie is missing his dad, and then Mick refuses a visit from Shirley and Tina.

Knowing Mick is a man on the edge in jail, Shirley puts pressure on Linda to get a confession from Stuart by the end of the week, otherwise she will do things her own way. We have no idea what Shirley’s way might be, but we bet it isn’t pleasant!

Seeing that Linda is a nervous wreck tonight, Stuart will comfort her and ask what is wrong. But while Linda is close to cracking, she remembers why she is doing this and covers her disgust for him.

Tonight will see a twist in the storyline as Linda ups her game with Stuart, knowing she has to take drastic measures to get the confession she needs.

Linda plans to meet Stuart

Linda’s been planning to get a confession from Stuart for weeks…

Knowing that she can totally hoodwink Stuart by seducing him, she sets about turning on the charm, leaving her stomach churning at the thought.

Linda eventually is forced to take the plunge and shares a kiss with Stuart, but she is so disgusted with herself that she flees the room seconds later.

Has she just ruined her plan to get Stuart to believe she’s on his side?

This latest shock twist is only the start of Linda’s week from hell. Watch all this week to find out exactly how far she is willing to go to make Mick a free man… 

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC / Jack Barnes