Eddie Izzard to run for London mayoralty

Eddie Izzard has reportedly announced he is planning to run to for London mayor.

The comic star said he would run for office in 2020 and would put his comedy career ‘in hibernation’ if he could secure the sort of political position he is after, reports The Sun.

Eddie – who previously revealed he wanted to become an MP, Mayor or MEP – told Jonathan Ross on his TV show: “It is seven years ahead, but I am a transvestite with a career you have to plan.

“I will put comedy in hibernation if I can do something decent in politics.”

The 50-year-old said he feels confident he could get elected.

He added: “People will grumble and say, ‘Oh you were interesting but now you are boring’, but I will try and do it with a good heart.”

Eddie, who has run numerous marathons for charity, said he was running one day when he spotted a poster that apparently had a real impact on him.

“I saw one poster during a marathon saying ‘One life, live it’ so that is what I’m trying to do. I am going to fight for humanity,” he said.

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