Edward first to be squeezed out of The Apprentice

Edward Hunter ran out of juice on Tuesday as he felt the squeeze from Lord Sugar – and become the first person fired from the new series of The Apprentice.

The 25-year-old from Reading failed to impress the business mogul during the debut task and was pulped after his team lost a fruit and veg challenge.

Edward’s relaxed approach rubbed his team-mates up the wrong way, as well as the tycoon, who branded him ‘a slow internet line, which you have to sit and wait for.’

Project manager Edward – who describes himself as a ‘man with strength of character and conviction who is honest and direct’ – said he had no regrets, and believed the firing was ‘natural justice’.

“It was a fair firing. If we had won, I would have been given the bulk of the credit and because we lost, I have taken the flak.

“I have no regrets, that’s the bottom line. I wouldn’t change anything – I’d be changing who I was if I was to do that,” he said.

The British-Afghan accountant said he felt he had more to prove than the other candidates: “It probably did seem a bit like that. I did feel like I was the only one who didn’t already have their own company, so I’m sure it looked that way.”

Viewers tonight saw the two teams being given £250 each to buy fruit and vegetables, then sell them for a profit.

Girls’ team Venture brought home the profits selling fresh fruit pots and vegetable pasta, while Team Logic decided to make orange juice and tomato soup.

After Hunter spent £150 on oranges without consulting the team, his colleagues were left fuming about being in the dark over his business plan.

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