Former X Factor finalist Ella Henderson has promised her fans they can expect an “honest” debut album from her.

The 17-year-old singer, who wowed judges on the 2012 series, recently signed a record deal and has been in the studio working on new material – admitting that the album might surprise a few people.

“It’s exciting as we’re finding the ‘Ella’ sound,” she said. “I think a lot of people expect me to come out with an album that is just going to have emotive ballads on there.

“I have written a lot of emotive songs that are quite deep. My album’s going to be honest, truthful, but there is going to be an up tempo song, which is exciting. It’s going to represent me and who I am, and let everybody know who I am as a person.”

The teenager – who is currently supporting Disney’s pledge to help children and parents stay safe online – described the past few months since the series as a “big whirlwind”.

However she added that she hadn’t been overwhelmed by her new found fame.

“As soon as the new year kicked in, I was prepared for this,” Ella said. I guess I’ve wanted this for so long and I’ve waited for this to happen, and now it’s happening, it is a bit surreal.

“I’m living it, and every day I wake up and ask myself the question, ‘Am I happy?’, and I am. I’m in such a happy place at the moment, and it’s all based around my music.”