Ben Elton says he feels nostalgic for the days when there were just four TV channels.
The comedian and author of new novel Two Brothers is currently writing a new BBC family sitcom, called Slings And Arrows.
He said: “It’s along the good-natured lines of The Thin Blue Line, starring David Haig as a man who is a dedicated health and safety officer, a very good man but somewhat finicky in his obsession with eliminating risk within his neighbourhood.
“There’s a lot of good television about, it’s just difficult to find it because there are so many channels. We’ve lost forever that very brief period when one nation was unified around one television programme.”
The comedian has moved with his family to Australia and says the thought of being away from them has stopped him doing live comedy tours in recent years.
“While the kids are growing up, I don’t want to go on the road for months, but I will again.”
:: Two Brothers by Ben Elton is published by Bantam, priced £18.99. Available now