Emilia Fox: My knowledge of pathology is shameful! And great news – Silent Witness will return!

Silent Witness is returning for a 22nd series

Emilia Fox, who’s known to millions of Silent Witness fans as Dr Nikki Alexander, has admitted that her knowledge of pathology is shameful.

While Nikki maybe an outstanding pathologist, Emilia, 43, reveals she has sleepless nights trying to remember the complicated procedural terms on the BBC1 hit, which is returning for its 22nd series.

Speaking about her pathology knowledge on The Graham Norton Show, she said: “It is shameful actually. This is my 14th year and I think in that time I could have become a pathologist but in reality, I would be very ill-equipped to do anything. I’ve actually had sleepless nights trying to remember complicated drug names and procedural terms.”

Last month Emilia she Tweeted “Happy first day of filming to all our fantastic cast and crew…” as Silent Witness began shooting its 22nd series.

Meanwhile, Emilia was asked if she thinks her seven-year-old daughter Rose will following in the Fox dynasty’s acting footsteps.

“Categorically not,” she replied. “The other day when she was telling us about being born, going to school, going to university and getting a job, one of the family asked her if she would go to drama school and her reply was, ‘Acting is not a job it’s an activity.’ I had to agree with her!”

Emilia is currently starring as snooty holidaymaker Penny Dillon alongside Johnny Vegas in BBC1 comedy Home From Home.

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