X Factor finalist Emily Nakanda has chosen to leave the competition after video footage of her beating up a teenager appeared on the internet.

A spokeswoman for the show said: “In response to the stories in the papers this week regarding Emily Nakanda we have conducted our own investigations into the matter and we can confirm that she has chosen to withdraw herself from the competition with immediate effect.”

In the video, featured on The Sun’s website, 15-year-old Emily is seen cracking her knuckles before charging at the girl, known only as Anna, and grabbing her by the hair.

She then gets the blonde girl in a headlock, swings her round several times by her hair, punches and batters her before shoving her to the ground.

Speaking on behalf of Emily, Louis Friberg, Emily’s Mother said: “As a family we are heartbroken and are very disappointed with Emily’s behaviour, we feel that there is no choice but to withdraw Emily from the competition.

“Emily and all the family sincerely apologise to both Anna, her school and all the fans that have supported Emily.

“Emily regrets her actions but there is no way, as a family, we can excuse her behaviour. Emily is very sorry to have let the show, Sharon and the viewers down.”

Sharon Osbourne, Emily’s mentor on the show said on Friday: “I am deeply saddened by this whole situation.”

Show bosses have confirmed that Emily’s departure will not effect the voting on the show this Saturday and one act will still leave the competition.