Emmerdale CONFIRM these THREE massive story twists in the same ‘explosive’ week

Cain will discover the truth, Robert and Aaron will go on the run and Chas gives birth…

Emmerdale has confirmed that Cain Dingle will find out the devastating truth that his wife Moria is having a torrid affair with farmhand Nate.

The soap promised an “explosive” Emmerdale autumn, as it teased a string of dramatic storylines which will happen in the same week, including the happy news that Chas will give birth to a “beautiful baby.”

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Emmerdale - Cain loses it with Moira

Cain has lost his temper before with Moira – how will he react when he discovers her secret affair?

Next week, Pete will discover Moira’s affair when he clocks a saucy text on her phone sent by lover Nate.

And now Emmerdale has revealed that Cain will finally catch Moira out. And it seems that Cain could take out a brutal revenge on the pair. Could Cain murder Nate in bloodthirsty revenge? The soap teases, “Hell hath no fury like a Cain Dingle scorned…”

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Robert and Aaron visit a car dealership in Emmerdale

Robert attacked rapist Lee, now Aaron and Robert are going to go on the run

Meanwhile, Robert takes drastic action to avoid a huge jail sentence for attacking Victoria’s rapist.

“Realising the dire circumstances they’re in, Robert and Aaron decide to go on the run from the hefty sentence they fear Robert faces,” teases Emmerdale.

We know that Ryan Hawley is leaving the soap as Robert, but does this mean that Danny Miller is also going as Aaron? Can the couple really evade the police? Where will they run?

Emmerdale Chas and Paddy

Chas and Paddy tragically lost baby Grace in devastating scenes last year

At least it’s not all doom and gloom, Chas and Paddy suffered heartbreak last year when their daughter Grace died just hours after being born. Now, Emmerdale has broken the happy news that Chas will be giving birth to her “beautiful baby in true Dingle fashion”.

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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