Emmerdale fans left disgusted by grooming storyline

Events took an uncomfortable and sinister turn during Friday night’s episode…

Emmerdale viewers were left sickened and outraged during Friday night’s episode, which hinted at an affair brewing between Maya Stepney and 15-year-old Jacob Gallagher.

Fans of the soap couldn’t hide their disgust as they watched a grooming storyline unfold between the teacher and her pupil – who also happens to be the son of Maya’s boyfriend, David.

Thursday night’s episode saw Jacob kiss Maya after she confided in him that his dad missed the majority of her birthday.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, viewers then witnessed the aftermath in last night’s episode, which saw Maya refuse to give Jacob a definitive answer when he asked her what would happen if she wasn’t dating his dad.

This encounter left fans rushing to social media to vent how uncomfortable they felt, as they believe Maya to be grooming young Jacob.

One said: ‘I feel physically sick. This woman is grooming that boy. I’d rip her head off if that was my son.’


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Another added: ‘Maya hesitating when Jacob asks her if they could be a thing if she wasn’t with his dad. No, Maya. Be a professional/adult!’

A third said: ‘”Maya knows exactly what she’s doing grooming Jacob. She really should have told David when he tried to kiss her.”

And a fourth commented: ‘The Jacob/Maya storyline creeps me out, the way they are portraying Maya is so uncomfortable to watch.’

Not everyone was against the storyline though, as one viewer praised the ITV show for shedding light on the harsh reality of grooming.

‘Well done #Emmerdale, for tackling a very uncomfortable storyline with Jacob and Maya. It’s important to show the reality of grooming in all its forms…’ they said.


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