Emmerdale EXCLUSIVE! Cain Dingle puts a ring on it!

Actors Jeff Hordley and Natalie J Robb – who play Cain and Moira Dingle – spill the tea about Christmas…

With Emmerdale‘s Cain and Moira Dingle reunited it’s going to be happy days this Christmas at Butler’s. And on Christmas Eve gruff mechanic Cain gets romantic, to boot!

In an exclusive chat with What’s On TV, Jeff Hordley and Natalie J Robb, who play the couple and feature on the cover of its bumper Christmas issue, the actors chatted about what’s coming up for their onscreen alter-egos during Christmas week!

“Cain finds out that Paddy is going to surprise Chas with a wedding and he tells Moira who thinks it’s really romantic,” reveals Jeff Hordley.

“He doesn’t think it is that romantic and Moira tells him it’s a lot better than what he could do!”

Cain gets romantic 

Determined to prove to Moira that he is capable of romance, Cain then pulls out the stops for Moira who is bowled over by his plan especially when he rounds off their evening by suggesting they start wearing their wedding rings again!

Cain organises a romantic night in Emmerdale

Emmerdale favourite Cain surprises Moira with a romantic night in and suggests they put their wedding rings back on (Picture: ITV)

Says Natalie: “It all started with a joke between them both after they find out about Paddy’s romantic gesture for Chas and how Moira thinks Cain is never romantic.

“She is over the moon when he suggests they put their wedding rings back on and thinks it’s a really sweet gesture.”

A fresh start

In spite of their recent sunset reunion it’s taken a while for Cain to get to this lovey-dovey point with Moira, who broke his heart in November last year when he found out she’d been having an affair with then newcomer Nate, who later revealed himself to be Cain’s long-lost son!

Moira kisses Nate in Emmerdale

Moira’s affair with Nate ended her marriage to Cain… (Picture: ITV)

Every time he gets close to Moira he can’t stop thinking about her affair and it nearly splits them apart before they’ve even got back together.

“But Moira says if he can’t get past it then they have no other option but to finally let go. It’s that that sobers him and makes him realise he needs to accept what happened and move on.”

Taking a vow? 

With talk of marriage very much in the air in Emmerdale over Christmas what with Paddy organising a surprise wedding for Chas might Cain and Moira renew their vows in the coming months?

Natalie’s not so sure…

Moira and Nate look fearful over what Cain has planned in Emmerdale

… when Cain found out Nate had been sleeping with his wife Moira he tried to kill him during an explosive terrifying boat trip! (Picture: ITV)

“I think they need to concentrate on their relationship at the moment and not jump into things like renewing their vows. I think it’s best if they just take it slow.

“Hopefully they’ll have a bit of happiness in 2021 but as always with Moira and Cain there are ups and downs.

“It might not always just be them that cause the issues though. It might be that family members cause issues… What I can say is it’s always a roller coaster ride with them!” says Natalie.

Cain came to his senses in November and admitted he couldn’t live without Moira during a romantic sunset scene on the farm (Picture: ITV)

“The fans love Cain and Moira so much so it’s great for the audience that they’re back together.

“I loved the scene that’s just recently aired where they get back together with the sunset in the background.”

Moira had told Cain she was going to leave Emmerdale as she couldn’t bear to live there any longer without him as her husband (Picture: ITV)

Time will tell whether the husband and wife will ever get to head up the family like Cain’s dad Zak and his late wife Lisa.

They might have to fight his brother Sam and his wife Lydia for those heady heights!

At the eleventh hour Cain ditched the ego and told Moira he wanted her back (Picture: ITV)

“Cain and Moira are different characters to Zak and Lisa,” comments Jeff, “and we have a fair way to go to get to that sort of level.

Emmerdale, Lisa Dingle, Zak Dingle

Zak Dingle and his much-missed late wife Lisa (Picture: ITV)

Zak is such a big character status-wise. He’s the Godfather of the Dingles!”

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays – see our TV Guide for full listings.

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