Emmerdale fans convinced THIS new romance is DOOMED from the start

Things are hotting up between Priya and Al...

Emmerdale fans have predicted that the new romance between Al Chapman and Priya Sharma is doomed from the start after things got heated between the pair tonight.

Fans watched Emmerdale’s Priya and Al almost kiss earlier in the week, however the moment was ruined when they were interrupted by someone at work.

Al and Priya Emmerdale ITV

Things got steamy between Al and Priya tonight (Picture: ITV)

But while Priya then decided that they should probably keep their relationship strictly professional, this only made Al more determined to woo her.

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With Al unable to get his near-kiss with Priya off his mind, he became determined to make her see they were the prefect match, and tonight he finally got his wish.

Al and Priya Emmerdale ITV

Jai arrived at the office just at the wrong time (Picture: ITV)

However, as things got steamy between the pair, Jai returned to the office just at the wrong time, killing the moment.

But while Jai was oblivious to what he had interrupted, fans will know that he wouldn’t be happy if he knew what his sister had been up to.

Al and Priya Emmerdale ITV

Jai was oblivious to what he had just interrupted (Picture: ITV)

After working together for so long, there is no love lost between enemies Al and Jai, especially after Al tried to blame the zip wire accident at Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits on Jai while he was in the midst of his drug relapse.

But, it seems Emmerdale fans agree with Jai, because they’re not convinced that Priya and Al make a good couple, either…

So could Al and Priya be Emmerdale hot new pairing, or are fans right and this is a romance that won’t be going anywhere?

Emmerdale’s scheduling pattern has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and now airs three episodes a week on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.

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