Emmerdale fans convinced THIS village favourite is going to prison for MURDER

Last night's Emmerdale saw Robert Sugden land rapist Lee Posner in hospital after hitting him over the head with a shovel...

Soap fans saw Emmerdale village transformed into something from a classic Western movie last night as the charity murder mystery event got underway. But while the village got into the swing of things, rapist Lee Posner found himself attacked for real…

As everyone else in the village got into character for the charity event organised by Bernice Blackstock, the Sugdens were facing a drama of their own as Lee demanded cash and an apology in return for leaving pregnant Victoria alone.

Emmerdale fans have been left sickened over recent weeks as rapist Lee has made Victoria’s life a living misery ever since he brutally attacked her following a night out earlier this year.

But with his mum Wendy also getting involved and wanting to be part of her grandchild’s life, Victoria has started to consider giving in to Lee’s demands and paying him off to leave her life forever.

Last night’s Emmerdale saw Lee come to Robert’s house to accept the Β£10,000 he blackmailed Victoria for. But once he saw how angry and hurt she was, he upped his demands and asked for double the amount.

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After a huge fight, Robert eventually agreed to get the Β£20,000 for Lee to leave his sister alone, but just as it seems they might be rid of Lee and his mum for good, Lee couldn’t help dropping some sickening remarks to Robert as he walked out the door.

Victoria Barton revealing that she wants to leave Emmerdale

Victoria is desperate to be rid of Lee and his mum Wendy for good (Picture: ITV)

In a round about way Lee admitted to raping Victoria, telling Robert that ‘no doesn’t always mean no’ and as Robert saw red and shoved Lee out the door, the rapist couldn’t help but comment ‘your sister fought harder than this’.

Unable to take any more of Lee’s disgusting comments, Robert lashed out, and as the fight turned ugly, Robert grabbed a nearby shovel and whacked Lee over the back of the head, and fans are convinced he is dead…

At first the villagers all thought Lee laying unconscious on the floor was part of the murder mystery party, but it soon transpired that this was real and an ambulance was called as Lee failed to wake up.

As Lee was taken off to hospital, the enormity of what had just happened dawned on Robert. But just as the police arrived, Aaron begged his husband to lie that Lee started the fight and told Robert to say he acted in self defence.

But will Robert’s self defence lie be enough to save him from prison?

And what’s next for evil Lee? Will he wake up and tell the police what really happened? Or has Robert just made sure he’s about to go to prison for a really long time?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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