Emmerdale fans predict this SHOCK pregnancy twist for Dawn Taylor

Emmerdale fans think they have predicted the next big storyline for Dawn Taylor...

Emmerdale viewers have guessed there could be a ‘who is the daddy’ storyline heading for Dawn Taylor after she slept with ex boyfriend Billy Fletcher’s brother, Ellis Chapman.

Tonight’s episode of Emmerdale saw Billy discover Ellis stayed out all night on a mystery date.

Dawn is panicked and makes a cruel move in Emmerdale

Dawn went to extreme lengths to make Billy fall out of love with her (Picture: ITV)

Billy and Marlon had great fun trying to work out who Ellis had spent the night with, joking about how it must have been someone from the village.

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But what Billy didn’t realise is that his brother had actually spend the night with Dawn, the woman he is head over heels in love with.

Ellis was desperate to keep the truth about what happened with Dawn from his brother.

Shock for Marlon and Billy in Emmerdale

The news about Ellis and Dawn’s night of passion understandably didn’t go down well with Billy (Picture: ITV)

However, in the end the sickening news was revealed to Billy by Dawn as she went to return Ellis’s wallet to him after he left it behind at her house.

Of course, Emmerdale fans know that Dawn only slept with Ellis in a bid to push Billy away after he came dangerously close to guessing her secret.

Doing the unthinkable

As viewers will already know, Dawn is guilty of killing DI Malone in self defence earlier this year, and she has been living with the dark secret ever since.

Dawn leaves Woodbine Cottage with a rucksack in Ememrdale

Dawn knows she has done the one thing Billy will never forgive her for (Picture: ITV)


Desperate to protect Billy from her actions, she has kept the truth about Malone hidden from him, and instead ended their relationship abruptly.

Baby drama on the cards?

But fans have guessed that this might not be the end of the drama between Billy, Ellis and Dawn, because they’re convinced that Dawn could be pregnant after her one night stand with Ellis…

Ellis and Billy are set to be at war with one another for the foreseeable, with Ellis committing the ultimate betrayal by sleeping with Billy’s ex.

But could this just be the beginning if viewers’ pregnancy prediction turns out to be correct?

Tomorrow’s episode of Emmerdale will see Dawn packing a rucksack and fleeing the village, knowing that she has done the one thing that Billy will never forgive her for.

But is this really the last we will be seeing of Dawn?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays – see our TV Guide for full listings.

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