Emmerdale fans puzzled over this MYSTERY as Andrea drops a BOMBSHELL

Is it grandad Graham or daddy Graham?!

There was only one question on Emmerdale fans lips – why are the Tate’s suddenly staying at the B & B in tonight’s episode!

Emmerdale opened with Kim Tate getting all narky with Tracy as she came to take an order at the B & B, and everyone was wondering why are the Tate’s suddenly there?

Kim had a face like thunder, although she did crack a bit of a smile when little Millie asked her whether she should call Graham Foster grandad!

Fans took to Twitter, saying…“Why are the Tate’s staying at the B & B?” “Emmerdale have I missed something why are the Tates staying at the B & B?”

“I’m sure there was a reason for Kim to be staying at the BnB but I seemed to have missed that too.”

The fall out from Graham not only be Kim’s husband but also potentially being the paternal father of Kim’s granddaughter Millie continued in earnest.

Kim grilled her daughter-in-law Andrea over how many times she slept with Graham. Once was Andrea’s answer – Kim didn’t look convinced! There was also a delicious moment when an angry Rhona saw Graham and then clocked Kim: “Your wife’s here!” Ouch!

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Graham Foster is torn between Rhona and Kim in Emmerdale

Look it’s Mr and Mrs Kim Tate! Rhona is not impressed – can’t blame her – and gave Graham a sharp dig tonight in Emmerdale

Graham did his best to make amends to Rhona, who despite everything gave him a hearing. Meanwhile, later in the episode Andrea appeared to be about to tell Jamie the truth about her and Graham and Millie.

But then Graham walked in and seemed to indicate that he wouldn’t spill the beans. Andrea, though, still had another piece of news up her sleeve – she’s pregnant.

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When they were next on their own, Kim cattily asked whether this one was definitely Jamie’s. She then said that Andrea was still to get that DNA test. Where will this saga go next?

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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