Emmerdale fans ‘DESPERATE’ for THIS couple to reunite after tonight’s SHOCK kiss

Is there romance in the air for Rhona and Marlon?

Emmerdale fans are convinced there could be a reunion on the cards for Marlon Dingle and Rhona Goskirk after they shared a shock kiss tonight.

Viewers have watched Marlon go on a downward spiral since coming out of prison after he was wrongly charged with Graham Foster’s murder.

Marlon and Rhona Emmerdale ITV

Marlon recovered from his heart attack in hospital today (Picture: ITV)

Not only has he suffered after finding that his whole family had betrayed him while he was locked up, but he has also started having panic attacks whenever he sees the police, convinced they’re coming back to arrest him again.

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Earlier this week Marlon’s stress levels lead him to have a heart attack, which could have been serious had his best friend Paddy not rushed him to hospital at the first sign of trouble.

But thankfully Marlon is okay, and today’s Emmerdale sees him celebrating his birthday from his hospital bed, with Paddy and Rhona by his side.

Marlon and Rhona Emmerdale ITV

Marlon finally made amends with his family on his birthday (Picture: ITV)

However, when he is eventually allowed out of hospital, Rhona makes it her mission to reunite him with his family and invites the Dingles round so that everyone can wipe the slate clean.

Thankfully her plan works and after the celebrations are over, Rhona and Marlon found themselves cosying up on the sofa to watch TV.

As the former couple chatted about how they were both struggling with life, they found a common ground which seemed to cement their friendship more than ever.

Marlon and Rhona Emmerdale ITV

Marlon and Rhona bonded over their recent troubles (Picture: ITV)

But soon Rhona got caught up in the moment and kissed Marlon, leaving him stunned.

As a mortified Rhona raced out of the house, Marlon called after her… but was that to patch up their friendship, or to tell her that he felt the same?

Marlon and Rhona Emmerdale ITV

Rhona stunned Marlon by kissing him… (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale fans are convinced that this kiss means there could be a reunion on the cards for the couple, and even Coronation Street favourite Sally Ann Matthews, better known to soap fans as Jenny Connor, is a fan of the pair…


So could there be hope for these two lost souls after all?

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Emmerdale’s scheduling pattern will be changing due to the coronavirus pandemic, and will air Monday to Friday at 7pm on ITV from Monday 30th March.

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