Emmerdale fans shocked as character unveils a HUGE makeover!

Fans were shocked last night when one Emmerdale character unveiled a unexpected makeover - leaving everyone divided over the new look.

Tuesday night’s trip to Emmerdale began with a bang as Nicola King revealed a hair transformation after dying her blonde locks a bright orange.

The episode started with new-look Nicola walking into Home farm with Priya, who was joking that she could barely notice that Nicola had been to the hair salon.

Gone was Nicola’s usual trademark blonde hair and instead she could be seen sporting a choppy bob with a fringe, and the new autumnal hue.

Emmerdale Robert Nicola

Nicola sporting her usual long blonde hair just last month

As Priya joked that her friend was ‘brave’ to go for the new colour, Nicola looked furious by the comment, until Priya added that she was joking and that being a fiery redhead suited her. And Priya has certainly got a point… the colour definitely suits Nicola’s personality!

And Priya wasn’t the only one to noice Nicola’s transformation… even Graham, fresh from being run over and recovering from his time on the booze noticed that she had a new look and complimented her on the cut.

But while Priya joked about the fact that she barely noticed the change, Emmerdale fans took to special media to share their shock at the makeover…

But while most fans were loving Nicola’s new look, there were some fans who weren’t convinced by the change…

But new hair do or not, it looks like Nicola might have more pressing matters to worry about as Graham seems to be getting his act together after falling off the wagon recently.

Following Joe Tate’s death, Graham has struggled to cope and the former alcoholic has been hitting the bottle big time – leaving himself open to being totally fleeced by Nicola, long with partner in crime, Robert Sugden.

But last night saw Graham suited and booted and back in the saddle, meaning it’s only a matter of time before he works out what the crafty pair have been up to behind his back.

As Nicola panicked about trying to get the deal done before Graham realised the truth, Robert was far more relaxed until a run in with Graham left him spooked.

By the end of the episode Robert agreed that they needed to up their game, but will the pair manage to get their hands on Graham’s empire before he twigs what is going on?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

Picture credits: ITV

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