Emmerdale fans shocked to see legendary character return for huge stunt week

Emmerdale fans were shocked to see a familiar face back on their screens last night...

Emmerdale kicked off their huge stunt week last night with Dingle drama and trouble for the King family, but fans are mostly talking about the fact Rodney Blackstock is back.

Fans already know that it’s a big week in Emmerdale, and last night’s episode kicked off with a flash forward to Jimmy King’s call to the emergency services.

Emmerdale Rodney Blackstock returns to the village

Jimmy found a very jet lagged Rodney in the cafe last night (Picture: ITV)

It was revealed there were multiple casualties following a major incident, and doctors were seen treating the mysterious villagers that had been caught up in the drama.

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But as the soap went back to the present day, Jimmy and Nicola were seen panicking about the fact their livelihood was going down the pan thanks to Juliette’s meddling.

Jimmy then asked Nicola if her dad was still in bed, suggesting Rodney was back from his trip to Australia.

Emmerdale Rodney Blackstock returns to the village

Fans were thrilled to see Rodney back in the village last night (Picture: ITV)

The character hasn’t been seen on screen for some time, but he was soon back to his usual cheery self when Jimmy tracked him down in the cafe.

Fresh off the plane from Australia, jet lagged Rodney was pleased to see Jimmy, and fans were thrilled to see the character back on their screens…

Paul cooks up more lies 

There was also drama for the Dingle family last night when Paul fabricated yet another web of lies after Aaron kidnapped Connor.

Paul gets a surprise in Emmerdale

Paul’s web of lies got even more tangled after Aaron kidnapped Connor (Picture: ITV)

Shocked to find Connor bound and gagged in his front room, Paul had some quick thinking to do.

He soon lied that Connor had escaped after knocking him down, and the Dingles soaked up his lies as Vinny stood quietly in the background.

But the truth has suddenly dawned on Liv after a run in with Connor outside the village.

Liv figures out the truth in Emmerdale

Liv has finally realised exactly what happened to Vinny the day he was attacked (Picture: ITV)

She confronted him about attacking Vinny, but he revealed that Paul lied about being kidnapped and that perhaps she should be looking a little closer to home to find the culprit who left Vinny in hospital.

How long will it take Liv to confront Paul and Vinny?

And will she land herself in grave danger by getting involved with violent Paul?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays – see our TV Guide for full listings.

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