Emmerdale fans spot huge BLUNDER as a shock twist last night saw THIS favourite couple torn apart

Emmerdale fans have spotted a problem with last night's storyline that saw Aaron Dingle 'cheat' on husband Robert Sugden...

Last night’s Emmerdale saw Aaron Dingle going to desperate measures to move on from his heartbreak over husband Robert Sugden by sleeping with a random stranger, and fans aren’t happy.

Emmerdale viewers have watched Aaron hit rock bottom after Robert went to prison for rapist Lee Posner’s death.

Emmerdale's Aaron cheats on Robert with random stranger

Fans were horrified when Aaron brought a random stranger home yesterday (Picture: ITV)

But it’s not just the 14 years the pair are set to spend apart that has left Aaron devastated, he is also heartbroken over the fact Robert has asked for a divorce and is refusing to let him visit in prison in a bid to set Aaron free from their marriage.

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However, after Aaron broke down earlier this week and had a heart-to-heart with Cain Dingle – not to mention the shock of sister Liv having another seizure – it seemed Aason was in a better place.

Emmerdale's Aaron cheats on Robert with random stranger

Fans are convinced that Aaron would never ‘cheat’ on Robert (Picture: ITV)

But last night’s Emmerdale proved he was just putting on a brave face for his family when he invited a random stranger home to sleep with.

But fans have spotted a blunder in the episode, claiming that Aaron would never ‘cheat’ on Robert…

While it could be argued that technically Aaron isn’t cheating on Robert seeing as he has ended their relationship since going to prison, but fans were still heartbroken that Aaron would sleep with someone else so soon after losing Robert.

Emmerdale's Aaron cheats on Robert with random stranger

Aaron clearly hated himself for sleeping with a stranger (Picture: ITV)

And it was clear that the bid to move forward didn’t work for Aaron either, because later he couldn’t have been more desperate for the stranger to leave his house.

After getting nasty in a bid to make the mystery man leave, Aaron then broken down once he was alone, clearly a broken man over what had happened and hating himself more than ever.

Emmerdale's Aaron cheats on Robert with random stranger

Aaron has hit rock bottom once again – will anyone be able to save him? (Picture: ITV)

But will anyone notice that Aaron still isn’t coping?

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