Stunned Emmerdale fans TORN over THIS shocking storyline twist tonight

Are you Team Arthur or Team Laurel?

Emmerdale fans have taken to social media to voice their surprise after tonight’s storyline twist in Arthur Thomas’s bullying campaign towards little Archie Breckle.

After finally confessing that he was the one hurting Archie for months, Arthur seemed to be changingย his wicked ways by becoming a reformed character.

Emmerdale Archie and Arthur ITV

Laurel has started punishing Arthur for his bullying, but he’s not happy about it (Picture: ITV)

However, when Archie framed him for an accident that saw a bookcase fall on top of him, Arthur struggled with the fact his mum wouldn’t believe he was innocent and tonight’s Emmerdale saw him lashing out in anger.

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After telling Laurel that she was a rubbish mum, Arthur then got angry when she spent the afternoon with Archie, leaving him home alone to do his homework in his bedroom.

Emmerdale Archie and Arthur ITV

Arthur is jealous that Laurel is siding with Archie (Picture: ITV)

Jealous of the fact Archie was getting all his mum’s attention, Arthur went back to his old ways and started tormenting Archie… this time by stashing the beloved ship in a bottle that his late grandad, Sandy, left him in Archie’s bag.

But if framing Archie for stealing the bottle wasn’t enough, Arthur then went a step further and stamped on the prized possession, leaving the smashed bottle in Archie’s bag for Laurel to find.

Archie and Arthur ITV

Arthur hid the ship in a bottle in Archie bag, before stamping on it (Picture: ITV)

Most Emmerdale fans were shocked that Arthur would go so far to get his revenge…

But other fans thought that Arthur’s actions were justified and that Laurel was to blame for him lashing out…

As this storyline continues, Arthur is set to up his campaign against Archie, bringing back his bullying ways with a vengeance.

Emmerdale Archie and Arthur ITV

This is just the start of Arthur’s new bullying campaign… (Picture: ITV)

How long will it take Laurel to work out what is going on?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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