Emmerdale favourite to discover this shocking secret, reveals star

Anthony Quinlan on the moment Pete discovers the truth about Moira and Nate!

Emmerdale star Anthony Quinlan has spoken about the shocking moment Pete Barton discovers that farmhand Nate is bedding Cain’s wife Moira!

Moira and Nate, who’ve already been found out by Kerry, have been enjoying some action in Emmerdale for weeks now.

Pete knows about the affair in Emmerdale

‘Hello Nate, having a nice time? By the way I know what’s going on!’ Yep, Nate gets a rude awakening when Pete calls in Emmerdale next week

Next week in the ITV soap (see our TV Guide for full listings), Nate steps up his steamy affair with Moria by whisking her off to a hotel for the night.

Moira tells Cain a massive whopper – that she’s off to a cattle auction! – and she even takes the precaution of telling Nate that they must travel separately to the hotel.

Nate hopes that by conducing the next leg of their affair at the hotel, they’ll keep their secret safe from Cain.

However, Nate sends a naughty text to Moira and unfortunately for them Moira has left her mobile behind at the farm.

As Moira and Nate get up close and personal, Pete is happily minding his own business at the farm when he suddenly clocks the phone and the rude message!

Meanwhile, Nate is having the time of his life until his phone rings and Pete breaks the news to him that he knows his secret.

“Nate tries to cover it up, but doesn’t do a good job,” reveals Anthony. “Pete tells him to put Moira on the phone and get her back home. They’re rumbled!”

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The big question now is will Pete tell Cain? And, if Pete does agree to keep it secret, will he find himself in big trouble with Cain when he eventually works out what’s going on? One thing seems certain – Cain will find out and he’ll be fuming!

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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