This Emmerdale legend facing homelessness tonight as money woes worsen

Bob Hope could end up on the streets...

Emmerdale favourite Bob Hope is facing the threat of homelessness in tonight’s episode as his money problems deepen even more.

The ex village cafe owner, played by Anthony Audenshaw, has seen his world fall apart in recent times after breaking up with his wife Brenda Hope and being brutally dumped by Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy).

Emmerdale spoilers! Laurel Thomas DUMPS Bob who STRIPS in the pub!

Bob stripping in the pub was the final straw for Laurel who dumped him in spectacular fashion in Emmerdale

Jobless Bob almost sunk to all-time low when he considered stealing presents from the hospital charity to give to his demanding teenage children, Cathy and Heath.

And Bob’s life threatens to spiral further out of control when the village B&B owners, Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) and Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estensen), ask him to pay up for his bed and board.

Bob buys the kids the wrong gifts

Bob wanted to keep his children happy, but with his debts spiralling out of control, he needs to get some money – fast

Bob’s debts are mounting and odd jobs around the village aren’t going to be enough to pay his bills. Bob has already had to pawn his new watch at Christmas and he now has nothing left of value to sell.

Poor Bob is ashamed of his predicament and refuses to tell his family and friends that he desperately needs help to avoid ending up on the streets.

Diane tells Bob that he needs to move on and this means he’s about to become homeless unless he can sort something out very quickly.

Next week, with Diane and Eric asking him again to pay up, Bob takes drastic measures and decides his new home is going to be the cellar at The Woolpack…

How long before Bob either finds some help? Or ends up on the streets?

Emmerdale continues on ITV this evening at 7pm.

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