Pasha Bocarie plays Rakesh in Emmerdale

Emmerdale special: the stars describe filming The Mill blaze (VIDEO)

There are explosive scenes in Emmerdale this week when Rakesh sets light to The Mill! Will anyone die? Watch interviews with the cast...

Desperate to claw back some much needed cash, the broke lawyer Rakesh Kotecha decides to torch the dry-rot riddled Mill, in order to claim on insurance. However his crazy plan goes terribly wrong…

Speaking to What’s On TV at stately home Harewood House, near the Yorkshire-based Emmerdale set, Pasha Bocarie, who plays the ruthless lawyer, said, “Rakesh is out of control. When people are desperate they do desperate things. He has to do something to stay afloat and decides on an insurance claim.”

However as he torches the property little does Rakesh realise that Nicola is hiding upstairs.

“There are devastating consequences,” added Pasha.

When Ronnie and Dan hear screams they run into the blazing building to try and help rescue the terrified mum, but when Ronnie doesn’t come out, it’s Carly who makes a frantic dash inside.

Pasha said: “When Rakesh realises there are people trapped inside he’s utterly devastated.”

The dramatic scenes have far-reaching consequences that will play out on screen over the next few months.

It’s been great for Pasha, who said: “I love the fact that Rakesh has become bad. He was a bit boring before!”

The sporty actor, who enjoys playing cricket for the Emmerdale team along with Matthew Wolfenden, Chris Chittell and Chris Bisson, has relished being in the thick of the explosive action and got in shape for the stunts by doing Boxercise.

He said: “I’ve always been into sport. You have to be fit to do scenes like that and have stamina for the filming schedule.”

But while he may be in great physical shape, Pasha felt decidedly chubby filming the fire scenes. He explained: “I had to wear a lot of fireproof clothing under Rakesh’s clothes. I looked like the Michelin man!”

Watch the interview with Pasha Bocarie, above, and get the inside story on the dramatic blaze from his co-stars John McArdle (Ronnie), Gemma Atkinson (Carly) and Nicola Wheeler (Nicola), who are left fighting for their lives when The Mill becomes a raging inferno…

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