Emmerdale star on ‘MAD’ kiss which is set to rock the village

Zak and Faith snog!

Emmerdale star Steve Halliwell has revealed that Zak Dingle enjoys a “mad moment” kiss with Faith next week just a short time after burying his wife Lisa.

Years ago the pair enjoyed a brief fling which resulted in Cain (Jeff Hordley), but recently they haven’t had much to do with each other. However, Steve says his grief-stricken alter ego is suddenly drawn again to Faith (Sally Dexter) when they start chatting about their past.

“It’s a mad moment of comfort for each other” says Steve, who plays Zak. “Faith is feeling down about Pollard ending their relationship, and Zak is feeling lost and lonely without Lisa. It’s unplanned and it shocks them both.”

Emmerdale, Zak Dingle, Faith Dingle

As they reminisce over old times, Zak and Faith are drawn together and kiss!

Not surprisingly given that his wife is only just dead, Zak feels guilty about the kiss and wants to confess all to everyone else.

Zak then arranges to meet Faith in the cellar of The Woolpack and tells her about his plan to come clean to the rest of the Dingle clan. However, Faith isn’t convinced it’s such a good idea!

“Zak feels like he has betrayed Lisa and to appease his guilt he wants to tell everyone what they’ve done. But Faith says, ‘Don’t be so wet’ – at which point , a pipe comes off the beer barrel and they get soaked.”

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However, as they flee the cellar, Bear Wolf (Joshua Richards), who’s attracted to Faith, spies them and immediately concludes that they must have been up to no good.


Faith worries that Bear is about to share his suspicions about what she got up to with Zak

So, will Bear tell everyone of his suspicions about Zak and Faith? And, if he does spill the beans, how will the Dingles react to Zak seemingly moving on so quickly from Lisa?

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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