Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden reveals David’s emotional turmoil over abusive Maya

Hurrah! Soap justice prevails next week, as Maya gets carted off by the cops for abusing Jacob

Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden has revealed that David Metcalfe will beat himself up for failing to spot the signs earlier that Maya Stepney was abusing his son Jacob Gallagher.

Next week in Emmerdale Maya (played by Louisa Clein) gets her just desserts thanks to Ryan’s computing know-how. David knows that Charity’s son is a computer whizz, and persuades him to bug Jacob’s laptop.

“He lies to Ryan that it’s because he wants to track Jacob’s revision,” says Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David. “He gets him to put a tracker on the computer, so that every time Jacob gets an email, it goes to David’s phone.”

David Metcalfe and Ryan Stocks

David uses Ryan’s computer brains to ensnare Maya

Jacob is plotting to run away with Maya, who has been in hiding since Priya, Leyla and Tracy got their hands on her.

Calling round to Leyla’s place under the pretence that he wants to revise there, he waits until she’s out, then retrieves Maya’s passport and money. He then messages Maya, asking her to meet him at the cricket pavilion.

“David intercepts the email when Maya eventually replies,” explains Matthew.

“Posing as Jacob, he says, ‘Yes, great. I’ll meet you there.’”

When she arrives, Maya’s thrown to find David waiting for her. When he confronts her, she maintains that she and Jacob are “in love”. And when he reveals he’s called the cops, she’s convinced that he’s bluffing.

“Maya thinks David is too embarrassed to admit that he lost his girlfriend to his son,” reveals Matthew.

“But as she walks out, there are blue lights flashing. It’s what the audience have always wanted – Maya gets her comeuppance.”

Jacob is reeling when he arrives to see Maya being bundled into a police car. Can David make him see that what he has experienced has nothing to do with love?

Emmerdale continues on ITV.